When I was 5 I wanted to be an artist and live in a cottage by the sea.  Life, in its wonderful and unpredictable way, didn’t turn out exactly how my five year old self had imagined it.  As yet there is no cottage by the sea and no paintbrush in my hand, however my passion for creating beautiful things has only grown.  When my children were born I realised I wanted to document the magic of their childhood as fully as possible and my existing love for photography grew into something purposeful.

A few years down the line, I now have the pleasure of being able to capture these special moments for other people and I couldn't feel more honoured.

As I see it, my job is to provide you with images that transport you back in time and fill in the gaps when the memories fade. Your photographs should be beautiful reminders of how you felt in that moment whether its on your wedding day, in the first weeks of bringing a new baby home or just the real everyday moments like walking in the woods with your family or relaxing together at home.

My shooting style is unobtrusive and personal and my favourite photos are the candid ones, you will often find me sneaking around in the background so I can capture people as naturally as possible.  I love the uniqueness of each shoot that I do -  no two couples, weddings or families are the same and this will be reflected in your gallery. 

When I'm not photographing other people I love to be outside with my family or curled up with a book and a cup of tea.  You can follow more of my personal family adventures here.


"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like"